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2009-07-03 05:36:29 by Dr-Roxo

Last year we bade.. bode.. bad.. fuck it

Last year we sadly said goodbye to the gods of german komedy-metal, Knorkator. They were celebrated for such songs as Ich Will Nur Fickn, Alles ist Scheisse, Mich Verfolgt Meine Eigene Scheisse, and Ick Wer Zun Schwein.

Stumpen, Alf Ator, Buzz Dee, and the others... You will be missed.



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2009-07-20 10:07:16

Do you by chance do cocaine?

Dr-Roxo responds:

No. Dr-Roxo is an old name, and I wish I could change it. I get asked that way too often for it to amuse me anymore.