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Fucking moderators

2009-07-20 10:38:02 by Dr-Roxo

They're power-crazy assholes. They will lock/delete a thread that in no way violates a rule, just because they can. I tried to make a thread in the art forum for photography, and it was deleted by ReNaeNae. Read the fucking art forum rules. Was I in violation? FUCKING NO. I thought a game was stolen.. I looked for a thread to alert other people to things like that, didn't see one, so I made a thread to let people know there might be a stolen game. (And, by the way, StephanosGnomon, I flagged the game, you fucking asshole. Why not try being a less presumptious prick next time?)

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Fucking moderators


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2009-07-20 10:47:06

Same here man.

I got banned for 30 days for posting...

Seriously i was just posting and they told me they didn't like the way i posting so they deleted 30 of posts and banned.

Dr-Roxo responds:

Because they're obnoxious nazi douchebags.


2009-07-20 11:00:39

And, to clarify.. i have nothing against them as people. I don't know them as people. I have nothing against them as animators. I don't know most of them, and the ones I do know, I like. But as moderators, I don't like them.