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2009-07-22 12:59:56 by Dr-Roxo

You're the retarded offspring of five monkeys having butt sex with a fish-squirrel.


Fucking moderators

2009-07-20 10:38:02 by Dr-Roxo

They're power-crazy assholes. They will lock/delete a thread that in no way violates a rule, just because they can. I tried to make a thread in the art forum for photography, and it was deleted by ReNaeNae. Read the fucking art forum rules. Was I in violation? FUCKING NO. I thought a game was stolen.. I looked for a thread to alert other people to things like that, didn't see one, so I made a thread to let people know there might be a stolen game. (And, by the way, StephanosGnomon, I flagged the game, you fucking asshole. Why not try being a less presumptious prick next time?)

36Holla, absent, Afro-Ninja, Alastor, aviewaskewed, BananaBreadMuffin, BlackmarketKraig, BlueHippo, bob, BRS, CaptainBob, Carmilla, Denvish, DirtySyko, Dobio, Enoll, EyeLovePoozy, FIGMENTUM, FUNKbrs, Gooch, gumOnShoe, idle, JadeTheAssassin, Jercurpac, jmtb02, Joe, JohnnyUtah, Jonas, Kirk-Cocaine, Luis, Malachy, mamatequila, MindChamber, NegativeONE, NEVR, poxpower, PsychoGoldfish, RageVI, ramagi, ReNaeNae, Rucklo, Sanjay, SardonicSamurai, SBB, SevenSeize, snayk, Stamper, STEM, StephanosGnomon, The-Swain, THEJamoke, Tim, TomFulp, Tri-Nitro-Toluene, UberBarista, UltraBear, WadeFulp, Zendra, Zerok - go fuck yourselves, you fucking power-happy nazi shitheads.

Fucking moderators


2009-07-03 05:36:29 by Dr-Roxo

Last year we bade.. bode.. bad.. fuck it

Last year we sadly said goodbye to the gods of german komedy-metal, Knorkator. They were celebrated for such songs as Ich Will Nur Fickn, Alles ist Scheisse, Mich Verfolgt Meine Eigene Scheisse, and Ick Wer Zun Schwein.

Stumpen, Alf Ator, Buzz Dee, and the others... You will be missed.


Sure it is

2009-07-01 08:45:11 by Dr-Roxo

Oh, goodie. A new post. Whatever will I write here? It makes no difference, because no one will read this anyway.


Sure it is

I'm fucking HAPPY

2009-06-24 18:59:51 by Dr-Roxo

Kind of. Actually, I'm kind of apathetic at the moment. I just thought the combination of that title with the angry face would be fun, and it's my fucking page, SO I WILL PUT THERE WHAT I WANT!

Yes. I will

Single Again

2009-05-26 23:10:38 by Dr-Roxo

I am single. What more can I say? My girlfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago.

not much to say, really.

Wow... A whole year.

2009-04-15 22:12:23 by Dr-Roxo

It has been a year since I have done anything here. That's craayzey! ...I don't have anything to say.


2008-04-03 19:30:18 by Dr-Roxo

Ich stehe mit meine Freundin. Sie sieht sehr gut aus, ja?


I'm alive!

2008-03-21 21:19:59 by Dr-Roxo

After many months of inactivity, I have awakened from my e-slumber, and I'm ready to continue my general jackassery!

Being sick SUCKS

2007-08-14 01:49:34 by Dr-Roxo

I think I might have coughed up my pancreas earlier..